Trouble: Can't get Zotero Toolbar to display in Word

Hi all,

this is what I am using
OS: Win XP
Firefox 3.0.10
Word 2003
Zotero 1.0.9
Wordplugin: 1.0b3

this is the trouble I'm in:
When I first started using the word-plugin I had to overcome some trouble concerning the roaming profiles which are used at our university.
After I found out where to store the - file everything worked fine - until recently.
Suddenly the Zotero-Tooolbar is no longer displayed in word and I don't know why because I didn't really change anything.

this is what I tried:
- I searched for "" on my computer
- found _two_ files, one in the roaming profile, one in
- C:\Documents and Settings\::username::\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\Startup
- deleted both files
- installed the word plugin again

- Unfortunatley this did not change anything, when I start word I dont find the zotero toolbar, and it is also not listed in >View >>Toolbars etc.
- I have tried both the local and the roaming location for the toolbar, with no effect.
- I have also tried lowering the macro security settings with no effect

What can I do?

Any help very appreciated,

Frank from Austria
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