Communication among group members

Does Zotero have, or is planning to have an option where members of a particular group can chat, send messages or alerts to each other or post comments in a way that select group members or everyone can see in a separate box?

The reason I am asking is because we have a group library where we often need to say specific things about a particular source or collection in the library, or ask about a source that is not there but someone might know about. Or I find a source that I want to alert some of the group members about, or I want to say a few words - or more - on it and alert the group members that I did so. Or have some ongoing discussion on a source or a sub-collection. Right now we do all this via email but this is not very efficient, and someone who joins the group later are not able to see past discussions. it would be great if there was such an option where group members can have discussions on specific items or collections in a way that will be attached to those items or collections.
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