updated year field not updating in word plugin

I am struggling with an issue with my zotero word plugin (mac). I have a reference in my zotero collection for which I have recently updated the year of publication. However, when I try to insert a citation for this reference in a word-file, zotero only offers the old year of publication date when trying to select the correct file to reference to when inserting the citation, the in-text citation itself and the bibliography reference at the end of my file. It seems as if the word plugin has not realized that the year of publication field has been updated.

Is this a bug, or is there something I can do to update the reference in my word file.

Thanks for all possible help.
  • Have you tried this in a new document? Does Zotero pick up the updated citation there?
  • It works in a new document. Is there any way to get it to work in the old document too, or will I have to transfer all the content to a new document? It's a very big file with a lot of specific lay-out, so having to do so would be a big hassle.
  • Zotero is using a saved version of that reference in the document because it somehow got disconnected from the database. When you insert there reference, note that you will see it twice when you search for it: Once under "Cited" and then again under "My Library". Make sure that you select the one under "My Library". That should give you the updated version. You'll then have to go through the document and replace all instances of the old version.
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