Zotero5 complete sync via webdav, without zotero.org ?

edited December 7, 2017
Hi all,

With the new zotero5, how can you use webdav sync (references + attached files) without a zotero.org account ?
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    That's never been possible. Zotero 5 simply makes that clearer by not showing the file sync settings until you've configured data syncing.
  • Oh, I see. And I confirm, it was not obvious previously that it was mandatory.
    Any justification for the mandatory zotero.org account ?
  • The Zotero servers efficiently convey info about new/updated/deleted data and files. WebDAV data syncing would be an entirely different system, and one that it's hard to do efficiently for large amounts of data. (There's a draft proposal to extend WebDAV with more efficient synchronization features, but that's been a draft for almost a decade and is unlikely to be widely implemented anytime soon.) It's not impossible that an extremely determined person could pull off full WebDAV syncing in some form, but we're much more likely to just provide more support for running a private Zotero server than to try to provide an adequate sync experience using WebDAV.
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