online collaboration on/in "my library"

Dear all,

If this question has been answered already, please direct me there, thanks. I am unsure how to enable somebody else adding and editing items in "my library" from another computer. I know that I can create a group, but how will the person contribute to "my library" instead of a separate project (in the new standalone version)? Thanks!

  • It's not possible to add items to another account's My Library. You can either share your account details with the other person and let them log into your account (not recommended) or create a Group.

    In this situation, what I do is to create a Group that the other person adds items to, then I copy them from the Group to My Library in the Zotero client (and delete from the Group if desired).
  • Thank you very much indeed. Does the fact that we will both work with the standalone version now (thus with a local program on two computers, right? impact the proceeding, is there something I should do and be particularly aware of? (I have collaborated with my assistant through the browser version before, this is a new situation for me). Thank you very much for your answer!
  • No, Standalone works 100% the same as the Firefox add-on in its handling of groups.
  • ah, good, thank you!
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