Converting Biblioscape records to Zotero

Biblioscape users are in a jamb, and I'm one. Maybe someone here can help with how to convert Biblioscape records to Zotero.

The long-time developer of Biblioscape, Paul Chen, is apparently incapacitated or has died. He has not responded on his on-line forum for 9 months (since March), nor are emails answered. Biblioscape was apparently a one-man show.

The big problem is that when installed and registered, Biblioscape has a tight security mechanism that combines the user name with the the machine ID or hard drive ID of the computer on which it is installed. With a new motherboard or drive, Biblioscape always had to be contacted for a new serial number.

So, my laptop's motherboard fried. Running Biblioscape from my old drive as an external (the program runs from its .exe file, not the Windows registry), I get an invalid serial number message. I have all my data files, but no way to export them.

My question: Is there anyway to convert Biblioscape files to Zotero, without using Biblioscape to export them?

I have 5000+ reference records, years of accumulation I can't access. Others are (or in time will be) in the same boat - and some with far more records than me. Hoping there is a solution, or that one can be developed ...
  • I don't know how Biblioscape stores there data but it would be a _huge_ effort for a fairly small market to write an import script from a database file to Zotero. You're probably best off paying for another license, ridiculous as that is. (Then you can export to RIS and import into Zotero)
  • But that's the problem (see above). Because I have a new hard drive and computer my password no longer works, and the sole-proprietor of Biblioscape is either dead or has been incapacitated for the past 9 months. No way to get a new password, so I am locked-out of all of my data.
  • Would it be possible to find another user of Biblioscape to open your database for you and export?
  • Interesting idea. Thank!. I will do some research on the forum and see if I can connect any usernames with real people.
  • See the instructions for running Biblioscape from a USB drive. Bring the USB to another PC and then you can run the export as a trial user. It is fully functional for many uses.
  • If you don't have a 2nd pc at hand, VirtualBox + should do the job
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