Enter Reference Information by Bibtex or link to sites such as easybib

Is there currently a way to just past a bibtex entry into an item for all the information?

I have noticed that some sites will not quickly fill out the citation information. I have been, on rare occasions, able to go to easybib (or others) and have it quickly generated. It would be nice to copy the bibtex information directly instead of typing it in or copy and paste each section.

Also, adding something to use sites such as easybib within Zotero would be nice, but I am sure allot of extra work, thus just being able to enter the generic bibtex would be useful.
  • File -> Import from Clipboard

    But if you're not able to save from a particular site where you would expect it, you should report it here with an example URL.
  • you can use "import from clipboard" for bibtex (and other similar formats like RIS) that you have previously copied to the clipboard-- wouldn't that do what you want?
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