Right Click Drop down menu is blank when viewed on external monitor

Hi Guys,

I have been experiencing an issue when using Zotero standalone on a laptop with an external monitor, with windows split across both screens with the external monitor set as the primary.

It appears that when I right click on an item within the main window, the drop down is just black. I can move my mouse over the blackness, and things can be selected, I just can't see what! First, I thought it's some graphics issue, but when I right on one of my collections, the drop-down menu shows fine.

I have moved Zotero onto the laptop monitor (windows is split across both external and laptop monitor) and it seems to work fine. So only getting a problem with the right click within the main item window on the external monitor.

Any suggestions how I can fix this?


  • What version of Zotero and operating system are you running?
  • Sorry for the late reply. I a running 5.0.34 on Windows 10 Version 1709
  • I have been playing around with Zotero some more, and I have found what is causing the issues. Now. Just for the record, I have an external monitor connected to my laptop using Display Port. Windows is extended across this external monitor and my laptop screen. The external monitor is set as primary.

    When I open Zotero and it opens on the primary display, then the 'right-click' dropdown works fine. I then drag Zotero to the laptop monitor (secondary screen), and the 'right-click' drop down works OK. The problem then arises when I move Zotero back to my primary monitor, and the drop down is just a black box. However, I can move my mouse over the black box and I believe it is still selecting something, but I can't tell what.. haha..

    Any ideas?
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