New citations no longer insert fields in Word 2016

I went back to edit a paper after not using Zotero for a few weeks, and noticed that citations weren't being modified properly. New citations were being added as plain text rather than linked fields. After restarting my computer I tested with a new/blank Word doc, with the same results. No field, just the text. I can add a bibliography, but again, no field codes.

On a Mac with Zotero 5.0.30, Word 2016 16.8. Not sure what versions were when it last worked. The buttons in my "Zotero" ribbon tab have changed - there used to be separate ones for Add and Edit, and now it's just a single button.
  • How are you telling that it's just inserting plain text? The grey field shading that you presumably used to see is simply a Word setting. If you can insert a citation in a new document, and insert bibliography creates a bibliography with that citation, Zotero is inserting fields.
  • I can right-click on existing fields and see options to update field or toggle fields codes. No such options for any citations I insert now. And if I try to edit a citation, it inserts a new citation in the middle of the text, giving me something like: (Schi(Schivley et al 2015)vley et al 2015).
  • We've never seen this -- fields get lost on save, but citations don't just insert without fields -- but we _have_ seen a ton of problems with the Insider Fast edition of Word for Mac (which is effectively a beta), so I'd try to go back to the regular release track, i.e. 15.40
  • I'm on insider slow, but will try a reinstall. Thanks for the response!
  • edited December 5, 2017
    Yes, this is broken in Insider Slow on Mac. (This is version we had previously seen lots of issues from on Insider Fast.)
  • Confirmed that downgrading to 15.40 fixed this.
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