Convert saved searches into sub-folders?

I know this is duplicative of an existing feature request, but the original request is so old, I hope you won't mind if I repeat it.

I would like to be able to move saved searches out of the root directory into project folders, and/or to be able to create them inside folders. I recall seeing a notice that this feature was coming soon, but that was many years ago now. I wonder if the idea has been forgotten or quietly shelved. Whatever the reason (and I assume it's a good one), they look and act like folders in every other respect. I feel like it's a reasonable expectation.

  • Did you receive any answer to your question? I was also thinking that Zotero 5 would have worked to some better handling of saved searches.
  • Generally still planned, but not going to be super soon.
  • Thank you for your answer Adam
  • Thanks also for the answer, Adam. Would be a logical extension of existing functionality as working folders become database-driven and dynamic rather than directories. I would replace a lot of my subcollections with saved searches driven by tags. Can do presently, of course, but only in root folder and hardcoded into alphabetical order.
  • +1 for making saved searches first-class citizens of the sub-collections tree. This would greatly improve the overall usability in terms of organizational efficiency.

    The most helpful aspect of this is that the contents of these "sub-collections" would be automatically updated and there would be no need to manually organize them (apart from making sure they fulfill the search criteria, which is often done independently anyway IMHO)
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    Some time has been passed :) Is this feature still planned? Would really improve efficiency a lot. Right now, we have to move files and adjust tags at the same time. That's error prone.
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