Bibliography format annales of the rheumatic disease


It appears that the in-text citation format was recently changed for BMJ.

As seen in the article form from annals of the rheumatic diseases (BMJ) 2014, citations (quotes) appear as exhibitors but I can't find it in the style in preferences.

Could you help me ?

  • I’m not sure what you mean. Can you give a specific example of the format you are looking for and what the style gives now? Do you have a link to the journal style guide?
  • I can't find this style for ZOTERO, only for endnote.

    This is an example

    Thanks for your help
  • The style gives me citation as below


    But in the article the citation format shows the citation as exponent
  • This journal uses the standard BMJ style:

    For manuscript submission, numbers in non-superscript brackets is correct:
  • Thank you for your answer.

    But is it possible to create a style in Zotero following the one in the article from the link ?

    It seems it can be helpful for submission
  • While it's possible, it's not how the journal wants you to submit articles -- see bwiernik's second link. Why do you want the superscripted citations when the journal tells you to use square brackets?
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    @RPAULE It is common for journals to request that manuscripts be submitted in a style that differs from what you see on the final printed page. For these journals if a manuscript is submitted using the print-style it will certainly be desk-rejected without going to the editor for a first-screening, much less being sent out for review.
  • Hello

    I agree with you, but when I look to the instructions for authors on the BMJ website, there are two parts :
    - One for the classical BMJ style
    - One specially for annals of rheumatism disease

    For this last one, we can see :
    - Citation Style: BMJ Vancouver
    - Citation Style Term: Superscripted Number

    The editorial team asked for superscript brackets (it was the same thing for the last article but I was using end note on my desk computer). I don't know why but they asked about it. That's why I 'm still asking about this problem

    How can I do in Zotero to make the submission with superscripted citations ?

    Do you have an idea ?

    I don't want to restart all the bibliography with Endnote.......

    Thank you for your help and your time

  • We can fix this -- do you have a link to these instructions? I can't find them.
  • It is easy to modify the style for superscripted citation - see vertical-align on
    On other side, I did not find the statement about superscripting in the instruction for author on the ARD pages.
  • This is the link

    @ LiborA "On other side, I did not find the statement about superscripting in the instruction for author on the ARD pages." => you're right. BMJ is not only one journal but many one. When you start your submission, the authors' instructions may change according to the journal (BMJ, ARD...)
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    Hmm but that's the Endnote link, nothing on the actual journal page. So how is this supposed to look like this1 or like this[2] (edit: sorry, no superscript in the forums)? And can you find out from the editorial board why it's not documented anywhere on the journal's pages?

    If I go to the ARD pages for authors they send me to the generic BMJ author hub which has the reference link bwiernik posted here:
    (and is explicit about square brackets). It'd be helpful if we were actually able to point to (and look at) some documentation of what they want.
  • Right, but that, again, is the published article.
    All BMJ published articles look like that, yet they explicitly say to submit references in square brackets and let them handle the conversion to superscript & linking (see the author instructions). So the question remains -- why does ARD differ from that and if they indeed do, why is that documented nowhere?
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    When you start your submission, the authors' instructions may change according to the journal (BMJ, ARD...)
    That's OK. @RPAULE can you provide real authors' instructions with a request for reference numbers in superscript form?
    If not, we will follow "general instruction for authors":
    Reference numbers in the text should be inserted immediately after punctuation (with no word spacing)—for example,[6] not [6]. ... References provided in this format are translated during the production process to superscript type, and act as hyperlinks from the text to the quoted references in electronic forms of the article.
    EDIT: In the meantime, you can use this superscripted version
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