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edited December 4, 2017
Hi everybody,

after two days trying, I'm disturbing you with four questions and the hope to explain them well.

I'm not sure how I did that, but I should have transferred from Mendeley for Mac to Zotero with a RIS file; imported my pdf from Google drive (27,1 GB) into Zotero folders. So I suppose I have a copy of those files on Zotero's folder and on Google Drive's folder. But Zotero doesn't synchronize for free so many files and I don't have much space on my HD. How can I:
1. transfer now the attached pdf of my Zotero's items in Google drive?
2. link items to the attachment as Principal directory to Google drive from Zotero's Preference panel?
3. synchronize just the items with Zotero?
4. Are there any inconvenience to link the attached pdf to Google drive?

Thank you very much for helping
  • As you've noted, the PDFs in Zotero are copies (different files) of the files currently in Google Drive.

    To use Google Drive as a sync method for files, install the Zotfile plugin ( and set it up to store your attachments in a folder in Google Drive. Zotfile will then move your attachment files to Google Drive and keep them organized for you. You should still do all of your management of the files from Zotero, rather than moving them around manually, to prevent the links in Zotero from being broken.

    If you want, you can disable file syncing from the Sync pane of Zotero preferences, but that shouldn't be necessary for you here.

    The only limitations of using linked files like this are (1) you won't be able to see the PDFs on the web library and (2) you can't use linked files with Zotero groups (you need to use Zotero File Storage for that due to technical limitations).

    See also:
  • Thank you very much Bwiernik! I'll try to follow your clear explanation.
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