Different syncing profiles?


I use zotero on several computers and have my files stored locally in each of them. I do this in order to have multiple backups. When I change the attachments path in any of them, the path also saves as sync data, overriding Zotero settings in other computers.

I would like to know if there is something akin to syncing profiles so that each computer had its own sync folder settings.

My (hopefully) temporary solution is a mapped drive in all computers pointing to their respective attachments folder, so that all of them share the same path (i.e. drive P: is a shortcut pointing to C:/User/Articles in Computer 1, and to D:/Papers in Computer 2).

Is there any way to achieve this?

Thank you.
  • That's exactly what Relative Link Base directory under Advanced --> Files and Folders in the preferences is.
  • That creates 4-5 zotero-related folders in the directory that I'd rather not have. I'm using zotfile to relocate pdf files exclusively to avoid this.
  • That doesn't create any folders. It literally does exactly what you describe above, i.e. "pointing to C:/User/Articles in Computer 1, and to D:/Papers in Computer 2).")

    Are you sure you're looking at the right one? This is not the same as the custom data directory location option below it.
  • Oh! Sorry I misunderstood. I couldn't find anything under syncing documentation, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  • I added a note about linked files and the Base Directory to the sync documentation page.
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