Zotero is not working (ID:335095784)


I've been using zotero 5.0 during the last two weeks but today I'm trying to save some references by google scholar and the icon "save to zotero" is not working, I click and nothing happens. Can anybody helps me?
  • Could you produce a Debug ID for a google scholar results page refresh from the connector?
  • I was trying but I don't know how to produce the Debug ID :/
  • Click the link that Adomasven gave above and follow the instructions.

    Right-click on the Zotero save button (hold-click in Safari), choose Preferences/Options, Advanced, Enable Logging. Then try to save the item. Finally, back in the preferences, click Submit Debug Report and paste the Debug ID number it gives here.
  • Ok, I was in another preference, I found it but when I select enable loggin (sticked) I can't submit debug report
  • As you can see, i'm not very familiar with this, I have the number Debug ID is D731752697. Thanks!
  • I don't think that quite has what we need. Make sure you start debug output logging, immediately switch to Google Scholar, reload the page, wait for the page to finish loading, try to click Save to Zotero, and if that fails submit the output and post the Debug ID here.
  • I try to do again like dstillman told me and the Debug ID is D1075381008
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