Lost Field Codes

Everytime I insert a reference page, all I get it the text and I don't get the field code associated with the references. So, they don't auto update. Neither are they applying the right MS Word Style sheet. ~Help
  • I am using MS Office 365 and Zotero 5.0.29
  • I was having the same problem with the citations when the author name had an international character (like a umlout over an o). This used to work. But, now I have to remove the international characters from the library for the short code to stay associated with the reference.
  • Could you describe your exact workflow? How are you inserting references and how can you tell that you're not getting field codes?
  • What specific numeric version of Word? The current Office Insider Slow build on Word has problems with Zotero‚Äôs field codes.
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