Zotero unlinking citations by itself- help!

I've been compiling citations on a document for a while now, and I've noticed that all of my in text references have been unlinked from Zotero automatically. All of the new references I'm putting in are remaining linked, but my reference list stopped updating itself and when I've clicked 'add bibliography' it begins a new reference list (obviously not including all of my unlinked citations).
Is there anything that could be causing this to happen? Or any possible way that I can fix it. Thanks.
  • Most likely cause of this is opening the document with software that doesn't support the fields which hold Zotero citations. That can include Pages or google docs, but also opening a Word file in LibreOffice or vice versa.
  • Hi, i've only been using Zotero on word on my laptop. But I've found out it does it after I save the document and reopen it. Is there any way to stop this happening?
  • What word processor and version? Have you performed a "save" or a "save as". If save-as, what is the file extension?
  • Hi, i managed to figure this out. I was using save as and the document was being saved as a open document text (.odt), so I readded my citations from Zotero and re-saved as a .docx file and this has now solved the problem.
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