sync error but no problems obvious // ID 1503738426

Hi zotero-team,
since yesterday a synch error is reported in one of my zotero installations. However, entries mentioned in the report synced as far as I can see without problem, attachments are also available on both computers. Would be just nice to get rid of the error message. Or did I miss sth. and there's a real error?
Thanks a lot for developing zotero continuously!
  • What’s the exact error message that you are getting?
  • Win error 5 during operation open on file D:\[…]\storage\XV9PKLAC\[…].pdf (Access is denied.
    @ccba3689: This is due to there being files with the read-only attribute set in your Zotero data directory, and Zotero is trying to update them with remote changes (e.g., if you annotated PDFs on another computer). While you could correct these manually (getting the paths from the error report), the next version of Zotero should do so automatically (and also show a clearer error when there's a problem like this).

    This should be fixed now in the latest 5.0 Beta, and it'll be fixed in 5.0.30 within a few days.
  • wanted to paste the error message right now - and you already solved it. Thanks a lot, I'll wait for the new version...
  • Zotero 5.0.30 is available now with this fix.
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