Citations in word are "unlinked"


I have a Problem with my citations in word: The number of the citations (e.g. Text[1]) are still there and I can also create a bibliography at the end of my text, but when I want to add a new citation e.g. Text [1,2], the citation [1] (and most but not all of the other citations) isn't linked with a document in my bibliography. If I add the same document to [1] it appears. Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot!!!
  • If you edit the existing citation and click on the blue bubble for the source, is there a button to View in My Library?
  • Okay, that means that the item is orphaned in your document and not connected to any item in your library. This usually happens if (1) it was inserted by a collaborator from their library or a group that you aren't a member of, or (2) if you deleted the item in Zotero (rather than merging it with another item). It's not possible to re-link the item with one in your Zotero library. You can continue to work with the unlinked items by selecting them from the Cited Items list at the top of the Add/Edit Citation window search results, rather than from your library. The item will be formatted using the item metadata embedded in the Word document. If you need to edit the item data, you will need to replace the citations with new ones from your library.
  • Thank you for your quick help
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