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Hi there,

Had one of the first version of Juris-M 5. Used McGill/Redbook/Canadian cite guide and it worked. Deleted that and downloaded the latest version of Juris-M 5. Now the style is all weird with short form (supra, ibid) and removed authors' name. Any idea why? Or how to fix?


  • What style specifically -- i.e., what CSL style file?
  • The McGill style code hasn't been touched in a very long time, and much has changed in the meantime.

    Juris-M now implements country-specific legal citations in a jurisdiction-specific, modular fashion. I don't have time to build a style for Canada, but I could advise if someone took it on.
  • If you post specifics, though, I can take a look at the current style and see if it can be fixed up.
  • Thanks, Frank. Somehow, now in Juris-M author's name is removed in short form. If I take the same word document, close Juris-M, open Zotero and refresh citations, then the McGill/Redbook/Canadian cite guide works properly. Any idea why? Thanks - JB
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    @jbrosseau Sorry for the long delay in responding. Can you post a link to the style that needs attention?
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