unable to sync my zotero, ID 812666583

ZoteroObjectUploadError: Note '

<img src="...' too long for item '5409561/RD2JI7S5'"]

  • At first, I thought my storage is not enough to upload my files. Then, I try to use webDav, which still shows some errors. Then, I upgrade my storage to 2G, but it still shows errors. Pls help me.

    The error is as follows:
    I open zotero software, it will automatically sync. But, it stop syncing in a second and show an error.
    "Note '

    <img src="...' too long for item '5409561/RD2JI7S5'"

  • can anybody help me?
  • (You'll need to be a bit more patient — while many posts here are answered within seconds, it's not reasonable to expect immediate assistance.)

    You have embedded images in some of your attachment notes. Those have never been officially supported and can't currently be synced. If you want to sync, you'll need to search for "<img" and remove those images.

    (If you had these in regular notes, you would see the message "Notes with embedded images cannot currently be synced to zotero.org", but that doesn't currently show up for notes that are part of attachments. We'll fix that.)
  • Ok, thanks for your help. Where should I search for "<img"? In the software zotero?
  • In the Zotero search bar, yes.
  • it does not work. When I search <img in zotero search bar, it indeed shows some pictures that I put before. But, when I try to delete. The zotero told me that something is wrong, please restart zotero, and report the error. I tried two times
  • Hi distillman,

    I just fixed this problem. I cannot delete the img. But, when I deleted the item in which the img is embed, the problem is fixed.

  • from my understanding, to date, I cannot put any images in zotero notes?
  • that's correct, yes, not if you want to sync.
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