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Hi everyone,

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I just downloaded the new Zotero update and the standalone app, since it no longer works on its own anymore in firefox. This is all a little inconvenient but my biggest issue is that very few websites are supported for export anymore. I can no longer export bibliographical information from google books, amazon, or any other book related website. I also had trouble exporting from regular websites. As we speak I can see that I could save the bibliographical information from this Zotero discussion page, but it is not available for much else. What is going on? These changes are making the app much more difficult to use. I am conducting major research and Zotero has always been a great tool for keeping my notes and bibliography in the same place, but I'm not sure it will be useful much longer if these changes are permanent. Please help.
  • There are very few -- if any -- sites that should have stopped working with Zotero as a result of the change. Google books and amazon should certainly still work and do for me.
    Run through
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    @Anie: But if you could also provide a Debug ID from the connector for a save that fails before trying those steps, that would be helpful. Then follow them through to the end if necessary.
  • Debug ID is D284047280
    I went through a few cites, Amazon let me save something, Zotero let me save something, but Google books is still not allowing me to save anything.
  • That's from Zotero — we need a Debug ID from the connector. And then go through the steps on the linked page.
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    Well, and also, that appears to show a successful save. We need a Debug ID from the connector for a save that fails.
  • Another update, It let me drag the website to Zotero and drop it in but it is counting it as a web page, not as a book, which means I need to go in and manually change the bibliographical information. This never used to be a problem before the update, I used to be able to save directly from the page.
  • Again, this should work exactly the same way. These are the steps you need to follow:
  • There are only two things it could be this:
    "If you only see a webpage icon, make sure you're looking at a supported site. If you're not sure, try a New York Times article or an Amazon product page." Which you tell me is not the case, since Google Books should be supported or this:
    "In rare cases where you're seeing a webpage icon on all sites or saving is failing on all sites, there may be a problem with your translators. Select “Reset Translators” from the Advanced pane of the Zotero preferences (if applicable), and then do the same for the Zotero Connector. This isn't necessary as a regular troubleshooting step."
    I do not see a "Reset Translators" tab in the standalone app but that is the only part of the app and I cannot find steps for how to get a debug ID from the connector. The connector says their are no errors. My successful save, as I explained was from Zotero, not from Google book. I kept clicking the website icon (which should have been a book icon but wasn't) in Google books with no effect.
  • If none of these solutions solve your problem, please create a new thread in the Zotero forums (or use an existing thread if you've already created one) and provide the following:
    The exact URL of a page that isn't working (even if none are)
    A Debug ID from the Zotero Connector for a save attempt or, if you're only getting a webpage icon, for loading the page.
    What it says in the popup when you try to save (e.g., “Saving to My Library” or “Saving to”)
    The name of the translator from step 6, if applicable
    We don't have a URL yet nor do we have the Debug ID from the connector as requested.
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