Export notes

I'm looking for a way to export only the notes from a collection to a readable format like docx (or even txt if need be)

I see in the export window a selection of formats. Which would be closest to a Word-like format? Or would a conversion be needed to get it from one of the existing formats into something readable/printable?

My goal is to be able to condense all notes into a single file so I can just print/read through it easily for review, without having to manually click on each item to see their notes. So a format with author and title as headers, and the note itself as the main body would be preferred
  • Do an advanced search for type note, create a saved search, go to the saved search, select all (using ctrl/cmd + a)--> right-click --> Generate Report
  • awesome, thanks!

    Is there a way to sort the report by a particular field like the author? Currently its sorted alphabetically by title
  • Might be hard -- see what happens when you sort the saved search by author before generating it.
  • If you generate the report from the collection/search rather than by items, it should sort by the active column. (Currently a little broken with notes when sorting by title.) I'm not sure there's any reason we're not sorting by the active column when selecting items, though — we can probably fix that. Issue created.
  • I think both methods are pretty inconsistent. ill continue this in the github issue
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