Capitalizing letter in title after apostrophe

Hi all - using Zotero 5.0.29 and Word, footnotes in Chicago 17 full note style. I have a citation with You're in the article title; when it inputs into Word, it appears as You'Re. I've messed around with the formatting of the text as much as possible; it's definitely happening when it gets translated from Zotero into my footnotes in the Word doc. I can manually fix it, but would rather not since that prevents the citation from getting auto-updated by Zotero in the future. Help? Known bug? Know a fix? (Can't find a fix on the forums.) Thank you!
  • That would be a bug, but I can't replicate it. Could you post the title exactly as you have it in Zotero here (important to cut&paste so any weirdness e.g. in the apostrophe character used would transfer)
  • Yes, here's a copy/paste, thank you!

    'Nobody Knows You're a Dog': As iconic Internet cartoon turns 20, creator Peter Steiner knows the joke rings as relevant as ever

    (Note that I did everything I know how to erase the formatting. Maybe I should just manually create a new citation where I hand enter all the information and see if that works?)
  • Don't have time to test, but put the first bit in double quotes -- that should work and Zotero will convert them to single quotes when it's in quotation marks.
  • It worked! Thank you. :-) I had just imported the single quotes from the original article title, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  • I think it's still a bug, just wanted to have a solution for you as fix might take a bit. @fbennett could you take a look?
  • Fixed in 1.1.181, now out in Propachi vanilla.
  • Awesome, thanks.
    Which means @megandriscoll this will no longer happen in the next version of Zotero. If you need a fix before that, there's a plugin you can install that'll implement it. Let me know if that's of interest and we'll point you to it.
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