Web App - Unable to add a resource from personal library to a group collection

Problem statement
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A user should be able to add a resource from their personal library to a group collection. This functionality is only available via drag-and-drop on Windows Standalone.

Expected results:
- A user can 'check' a resource in their library, click the 'add to collection' icon and have the option to add to a group collection.

Actual Results:
- When clicking 'add to collection', the user only has the option to add to personal collections.

Not Applicable

Additional Notes:
I was working with a group and we struggled to collaborate easily when adding resources to our collection. It took us a while to realise that the only functionality available for this is through drag-and-drop on the Windows Standalone version.
  • The Zotero Web Library has only a fraction of the functionality of the Zotero desktop app. Zotero is primarily intended to be used through the desktop app; the Web Library is available as a convenience, but can't replace the proper app (you also can't, for example, integrate the Web Library with word processors or use saved searches). The interfaces for adding items to your library, editing items, sorting, viewing item data, etc. are all much easier to use in the Zotero app.

    A major update to the web library is currently being developed, but I still strongly recommend that you adjust your workflow to use the Zotero app, rather than the Web library.
  • Despite Zotero's main features coming from the standalone application, is it possible that I could make a pull request for the feature I described? Or will the update be rolled out in the coming weeks?
  • Pull requests are certainly welcome. The web library code is here: https://github.com/zotero/web-library
  • Not mentioned above, and a year and a bit late (sorry about that!), but I'm guessing this feature is also missing from the Mac stand alone version?
  • @ebrown53717: This thread is about the web library, which, as bwiernik says, currently lacks a lot of the functionality of the desktop app. You can do this in the desktop app just by dragging items between libraries. If you're having trouble with that, start a new thread.
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