Only seeing generic translators when using OpenUrl Resolver to article

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Hi, we are having a problem at our Library where we only seeing the generic connectors -(Save to Zotero with or without snapshot) We are using Serials Solution as our OpenURL link resolver.

I am using latest versions of Zotero and Chrome- but it is also being reported with Firefox.

As an example, I start Zotero SA and Chrome, go to the following url and all I see are generic connectors. Journal of Information Management&volume=19&issue=1&date=19990201&atitle=Workplace experiences of information literacy.&spage=33&pages=33-47&sid=EBSCO:Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts&au=Bruce, Christine Susan

This happens when linking from one database to another,as well as the Google Scholar my library link, and Worldcat Discovery.

However if I search the database directly and open the article, I can see the relevant translators -- Sciencedirect in this case. Here is the good link:

This is not only happening with SD, but with Proquest and other platforms

Also, I am not always seeing the proxy detected message in this Zotero 5 and wonder if it may be related.

Thanks for your help1
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