changes to Chicago 16 note citation style

I need to make some changes to Chicago 16 note style as follows : -
single quotes around article titles rather than double
Do not display DOIs
for newspaper articles remove weblinks and add page numbers instead.

I had a look at the editing Citations page and couldnt work out even where to start!
  • Is this for a specific journal or other style guide?
  • Yes for 'History Australia'

    See the instructions below:

    RHAH – History Australia reference style
    Please follow the Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition for referencing styles with the following exceptions or additions:
    In journal articles include issue number where one is given, use single quotation marks around titles and follow guidelines on quotations given above.
    • Elizabeth A. Povinelli, ‘Notes on Gridlock: Genealogy, Intimacy, Sexuality’, Public Culture 14, no. 1 (2002): 215–38.
    • For further details see Chicago Manual of Style 14.180
    Only include a DOI number if the article is available online prior to publication and no volume number is yet assigned
    • María de la Luz Inclán, ‘From the ¡Ya Basta! to the Caracoles: Zapatista Mobilization under Transitional Conditions’, American Journal of Sociology (2008), doi:10.1086/525508.
    Include page numbers in newspaper articles.
    A thesis (MA or PhD) should be referred to as such, not as ‘diss.’
    • Terrence W. Beed, ‘The Growth of Suburban Retailing in Sydney: A Preliminary Study of Some Factors Affecting the Form and Function of Suburban Shopping Centres’ (PhD thesis, University of Sydney, 1964).
    Archival sources should show document/item name, date, name of series or collection, file number, name and location of archive. If subsequent references will be made to the same series or archive, provide a useful short form of the title. When referring to a new item from the same series, collection or archive, give the item and number in full and an abbreviated description of its location.
    • Agenda Item 1, Citizenship Status, Native Welfare Council, 29 September 1952, Papers of Sir Paul Hasluck, MS 5271, Box 32, National Library of Australia (NLA), Canberra.
    • Agenda Item 1, Citizenship Status.
    • Press release, Aborigines Sunday: Statement by the Minister for Territories, the Hon. Paul Hasluck, 10 July 1958, Hasluck Papers, NLA, box 33, MS 5274.
    Ibid. may be used for subsequent references where the reference is the same as that immediately preceding. If only the page number is changed, use ‘Ibid., 72’. Use a capital ‘I’ for ‘ibid’ only when it is the first word in the footnote, but always follow it with a full stop. Do not use ‘idem’, ‘op cit’ or ‘loc cit’.
    • For further details see Chicago Manual of Style 14.29/30/31
  • This should be relatively easy to add to the Zotero Style Repository (as you've noticed, Chicago is probably the most complex CSL style and isn't a great place to start with CSL editing).

    Can you post a link to the author instructions for this journal, as well as a freely available/open access article if possible?

  • Can you check this style and see if it is correct? That is the publisher's version of Chicago (note).
  • Im sorry I dont understand what I need to do?
  • Click that link to download the style file and install into Zotero. Then use it and see if the formatting is what you need. It's Taylor & Francis' version of Chicago (note), so I suspect it may be correct already.
  • No it doesnt seem to be correct for newspaper articles, it seems to be much too brief - perhaps not full note chicago?
    Thanks anyway. I have to finish up now. I will have another go tomorrow sometime.
  • Hi - the format closest to what I want is University of York - Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition. But it is still not right. page numbers for newspapers do not appear...

    However the strange thing is that when I go to the Edit Citation Styles page it doesnt appear when I search for it??? I have typed in York - only 3 styles appear; but in the repository there are 13?
  • they recently updated, in the editor we only update once every 2-3months.
  • So if I want to see if I can change the style to add page numbers for newspaper articles is that possible.?
  • It's here:
    you can copy&paste into the code editor of the visual editor and then take it from there in the visual editor
  • edited December 6, 2017
    Just starting with the changes for the style.
    The link to the accesible paper doesn't work.
    While the guidelines say to include page numbers for newspapers, I can't find an article that does that. Examples given below:

    Richard Evans, ‘Michael Gove’s History Wars,’ Guardian, 13 July 2013
    James Grossman, ‘The New History Wars,’ New York Times, 1 September 2014

    The style is now on the Zotero Repository. Let us know re above question though if it needs a fix.
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