Can't save to Zotero from Firefox connector

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  • I too am having issues with Quantum and Zotero connector. The connector shows as online, but only the ping URL and no other URL in any other tab saves to Zotero standalone when I use the connector. After the upgrade to Quantum and Zotero 5, the ping URL saved only to "My Library" even if a subcollection was selected. After disabling all add ons except for Zotero, all video codecs (including Open H264 and Flash), and several browser and system restarts, the ping URL now saves to the selected subcollection, but still only the ping URL - nothing else.

    I can attempt to bypass all of this by using a restore point, reverting to Firefox 52.x and Zotero 4, but I don't know if the pre-upgrade database is recoverable. Is it possible that the Java version is an issue - I had a very curious problem with 64-bit Java disabling Freeplane, forcing me to use 32-bit Java on an X64 system, but everything else seems to work fine. I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium, x64.

    Anyone else with this problem? Any suggestions?
  • Definitely not Java (Zotero does not use Java except for LibreOffice integration).

    Run through as they apply and provide all the info requested under 12 if 1-11 don't help.
  • (Also, the ping URL is just for troubleshooting the connector's connection to Zotero — that's not something you're supposed to save to Zotero. Just try saving normal webpages.)
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