Style Error: Regional Environmental Change

The bibliography of this style only lists the first three authors and shows an "et al." for the remaining ones. The journal's instructions for authors ( specifically states that long author lists should be given in full.

The style seems to be based on the style "Springer - basic (author-date)", where the same style for the reference list is used.

Could anybody point me to a style that can be used for the journal or give me instructions how I could change the style to get the full authors list?

Versions used: Zotero 5.0.28 (Windows 7), Microsoft Word 2010
  • Yes, this looks better. Thanks a lot!
  • I noticed that the springer-basic-author-date-no-et-al style leaves a space between the page numbers and the dot if a DOI is also provided. This can be avoided by changing the following lines in the style:

    $ diff springer-basic-author-date-no-et-al*
    < Springer - Basic (author-date, no "et al.")
    > Springer - Basic (author-date, no "et al.") modified

    I will try to inform the author of this style.
  • No, here is fine, no need to contact the author directly -- we just fixed this for at least one style, but possible it's still in others.
  • The copy-pasting didn't quite work, so here the two lines that I modified without the "<" and ">":

    Line 146:
    group delimiter=""
    Line 149
    text prefix=" " variable="volume" suffix=":"
  • Just posting to say that this still hasn't been fixed in the official style. Editing the style manually as described above worked for me, so thank you!
  • Could you clarify what problem you're referring to?
  • I am referring to the undesirable space between the page numbers and the following period, which still appears in citations created using the most recent version of the Springer - Basic (author-date, no "et al.") style, when using this style to format an entry that includes a DOI.

    The most updated version of the Springer - Basic (author-date, no "et al.") .csl available to download from Zotero still has this issue and has to be manually edited to correct it using the edits posted by sfronzek above.

  • Can you show specifically an example you are seeing?
  • edited 15 days ago
    I can confirm the error and will put in a fix:
    Campbell JL, Pedersen OK (2007) The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. Comp Polit Stud 40:307–332 .

  • This is now merged and you can just refresh the style.
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