segfault when downloading attachments via connector (firefox and chrome)

I'm running 5.0.28 (from the AUR package: and using connector version 5.0.27. When saving a paper from ScienceDirect (, the metadata works fine but as soon as it starts on the attachments zotero segfaults:

/usr/bin/zotero: line 13: 20333 Segmentation fault (core dumped) "$CALLDIR/zotero-bin" -app "$CALLDIR/application.ini" $*

And here's the debug log from the connector:

Perhaps this is just a consequence of the version mismatch between the standalone app and the connector but I'm reporting just in case it's not.
  • The same error is preventing me from launching Zotero - and Firefox 57 - at all.

    This is on CentOS 7.3.
  • How would this be preventing you from launching Firefox 57? Or do you just mean that's what you're trying to use it with?
  • Both Zotero Standalone and FF57 were crashing immediately with very similar error messages. The segfault was preceded by a gobject refcount error in both cases.

    I updated all the packages on the system and now they're both working fine. I think OP should try to ensure GTK3 and libgobject and dependencies are updated, and that the connector extension is the latest version to match Zotero.
  • Yes, Zotero is based on Firefox (52 ESR), so it makes sense that there could be a system problem affecting both.
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