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My online library when I login into zotero online says I have almost 6gb. However, on my computer my zotero library folder takes up over 11gb. What does the online library sync and not?

  • Zotero compresses your files before storing them online, so it's possible for the online storage used to be smaller than the Zotero storage folder (be sure that you are only comparing the size of the Zotero storage folder, not the whole Zotero data directory), but a difference of 5 gb is very large. It's also possible that you haven't finished uploading the files to the server yet. Try to start a sync and see if file uploading begins.

    Given that you are right at 6 gb, I suspect you might have a subscription for only 6 gb of storage and are at your quota. Check your usage and storage plan here: and upgrade if you need to.
  • "Total - 5320.4 MB used" out of 6gb, so I guess I can wait a bit longer before I need to upgrade.

    11gb was the size of the whole Zotero folder with the sqlite file and everything, I checked only the storage folder now which was 10gb..

    Sync is completed.
  • If syncing is completed and you don't have any messages about insufficient storage, then, yes, you are good to go.
  • Ok, so all full text and my whole library are then in my library?
  • Yes, assuming you have “Sync full text” checked in the data syncing preferences.
  • Just checked, yes I do, thanks.
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