Right-click menu again - Zotero 5.0.28 in Windows 10

To enlarge on my September posting -

Using the right-click menu to Retrieve Metadata or Create Parent Item is often slow - I have to wait a while until anything happens. Sometimes I get fed up of waiting, since nothing appears to be happening - right-clicking again results in a duplication of the two first menu items, View PDF and Show File. If I do this, say, half a dozen times, these top two items appear six times.

Of course this does not affect functionality but it seems unnecessary and developers may want to sort it out.
  • This isn’t normal or expected behavior. Can you submit a Debug ID for such a slowdown (enable logging in the Help menu, then do the steps to make it slow, then submit and post the number here)?

    Do you have an unusual setup with Zotero on your computer, like running Zotero off a network or in a virtual machine?
  • No, nothing unusual at all. Depressingly conventional. I'll do as you ask.

    It's just a slow response if it's busy with other things, I think, but what that is I haven't been able to suss out.
  • I've just submitted Debug ID D370622930.

    HTH! The problem, in so far as there is one, is just waiting for the right-click menu to open.

    I'm going to try again and see if I can reproduce the multiple-top-menu-item-duplication now.
  • No, the progress dialog is appearing too quickly. I'll try again tomorrow after I've just switched on and the machine's doing its scans and bootings-up.
  • edited November 27, 2017
    I was successful in reproducing the error and have a screendump but I can't see how to attach the image.

    I have however submitted Debug ID D238593946 or D1711151230 - it's come up with a second ID. My fault no doubt. Must have pressed the button twice.
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