Dragging linked files not working on Mac

I'm trying to add a linked file to Zotero by dragging from Finder on macOS. Holding Cmd+Option while dragging the file directly to a parent item, produces an attachment added as a stored attachment child item.

Intermittently during my testing, Cmd+Option dragging in as a standalone attachment item produced a linked attachment (as expected), but most times, it produced a stored file as well.

Debug ID for child link (didn't work): D141455694

Debug ID for standalone link (worked): D2081706777

Debug ID for standalone link (didn't work): D506364374
  • I'm new to Zotero and while finding my way around I ran into this issue as well. Just curious, has there been any progress on a fix for this?
  • It’s been fixed for several years. What exactly is happening and what are you trying to do specifically?
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