I need help to make sure modification in Zotero are applied in the Word document


I am in trouble because i modified citations in Zotero but these modifications aren't updated in the Word document bibliography.

How can i do to update the modifications?

Thank you!!
  • Have you hit the refresh button in the Word ribbon? That takes care of it for me.
  • edited November 25, 2017
    Changes will be made in the document whenever Zotero refreshes. This happens when you insert a new citation, edit an existing citation, add a bibliography, or click the Refresh button.
  • Thank you Gwaddell and Bwiernik. Indeed, the refresh helped but not for the whole citations at all, i don't know why. Anyway, i did it manually^^ :D

    Thank you guys !
  • If citations aren’t updating, that usually means you have manually edited them, which prevents Zotero from updating automatically. If you want to add page numbers, suffixes, omit authors, etc., you should use the Customize Cite dialog in the Add/Edit Citation window
  • I will strongly agree with bwiernik. When I first started using Zotero, I would edit links in the documents, until I found out I was causing more harm.

    Only edit in the red bar, using the menu options, or in the Zotero library itself. The nice thing this does for me in writing the dissertation, is that I only have to think about writing and connecting ideas in my text, and Zotero does all the work maintaining my citations.
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