CSA translator - automatic pdf download doesn't work

eg. http://csaweb113v.csa.com.ezproxy.my.institution/ids70/view_record.php?id=2&recnum=18&SID=b0ap2css72sq99ocsk1lfvodh0

Automatic pdf download almost never happens for me, with any translator (I've posted a bunch of others in this forum category). I go through a proxy/rewriter, but that's hardly unusual.

Unless there's something odd about my particular set up or selection of database sites, isn't a different approach to dealing with automatic downloading of pdfs via a proxy needed, given that the current one doesn't work?
  • CB, I haven't been having any problem with proxy and translation, it almost always works, at least for biomed stuff. If you give me a few journal articles that have given you problems I can search and see if they work for me via my EZproxy setup--email to my forum username at gmail. If it works for me, maybe there's just a setting that needs toggling...
  • Thanks for the offer. I've pasted below some links I've posted recently (with proxy removed) that didn't grab the pdfs for me (also will forward by email to you).

    With sites that don't need a proxy, all's OK.





    These aren't isolated examples. I never get pdfs automatically via these (and several other) translators, when going through my institution's proxy.
  • @CB:
    are you one of the people stuck on 1.09 bc of the Mac/Word plugin situation?

    Otherwise, 1.5b should take care of such issues.

    Alternatively - does your U offer VPN? That's often a workable alternative to EZproxy and always works with Zotero.
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    Hm. That's confusing CB. CSA doesn't like my institution's proxy, but the other three all work fine for me, PDF and all. I'm using the latest 1.5beta, so I can't vouch for earlier versions.

    I have all the autoproxy stuff turned off in Zotero (I found it overactive and sometimes would insert EZproxy where I didn't want it) and either use my library's PubMed page for searching, which includes institution-specific EZproxy-enabled links in the search results, or I use a firefox plugin called EZProxy which saves me a few annoying clicks through my university's system and just reloads any journal page but with the ezproxy magically inserted in the URL. I just did the Nature link both ways, so the translator's not picky in that regard.

    So it's definitely not the translator or the sites themselves, its got to be either your Zotero version/settings or the way your institution's proxy is set up.

    EZproxy plugin: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6098
  • The next 1.5 beta includes improved proxy code and will clear all existing proxy entries, which should fix some problems with erroneous entries. If you're still having trouble after that, CB, we can take a look at some debug output and HTTP headers.

    Note also that 1.5 does include the functionality amacom73 refers to in that other Firefox extension—though obviously the proxy functionality has to be working for you to begin with for that to work.
  • Thanks for all the suggestions. I've stashed them away to have a proper look at when I have a moment.
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