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I am writing for the Journal of the Geological Society and have installed a style from . It is great, except it places the year before the author for in-text citations e.g. (2016 Smith et al.) when it should read (Smith et al., 2016).

I have never edited a CSL before, but think I have located the relevant line:

This should place the author first then the date right? Yet it doesn't seem to.
Additionally I am missing a comma.

The in-text citation does seem to work fine using other CSL's (e.g. The Open University Harvard) but all of the CSL's designed for the Geological Society of London publications produce the same result.

Any guidance at all hugely appreciated!

  • You need to wrap code on the forums in HTML <code> tags for it to show up.

    We can definitely fix the style in the repository. Can you post a link to the current correct author guidelines?
  • Thank you so much for your response. I am afraid I am quite a dinosaur and cannot get the code to show up in the message, using the code tags turn everything into code... except the code. Clearly I am using them wrong but here is a work around:

    [LESS THAN SYMBOL] category citation-format="author-date"/ [MORE THAN SYMBOL]

    The author guidlines can be found at the publisher's site on pages 3 to 4 of the following .pdf.

    Essentialy it is a form of Harvard citation, at least as far as the in-text part goes.

    Thank you!

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    Okay this will be easy to fix. I’ll take care of it today.
  • Fantastic, thank you!
  • Also note that the style guide doesn’t want a comma between the authors and Year.
  • Are the bibliography references formatting correctly everywhere?
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    Here is the fixed style. Try it out (right click and choose Save Linked File As…, then install into Zotero) and let me know if you need any other changes.
  • That's great, works a treat, many thanks.
  • I am now submitting another article using the citation style that was kindly updated in this post, for the Journal of the Geological Society. This article has multiple authors with the same surname, publishing in the same year. At present it is adding the author's given name in-text, as a mans of disambiguation. I think however, for this journal, it should perhaps just add another letter to the year, rather than try to disambiguate. For example, if we have John Smith (2018) and Jane Smith (2018), these would simply be cited in-text as Smith (2018a) then Smith (2018b). how can I go about changing this?

    Thank you!
  • Do you have an indication (e.g. an example from a published article) that the letter suffix is the right way to disambiguate in that case?
  • Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, I have a recent example. The following is from the references list of:

    Jin, X., McRoberts, C.A., et al. 2019. The aftermath of the CPE and the Carnian–Norian transition in northwestern Sichuan Basin, South China. Journal of the Geological Society, jgs2018-104,

    As you can see Li L.Q. and Li M. are different people but are disambiguated by letter suffixes on the year of publication (2017a, 2017b).


    Li, L.Q.,Wang, Y., Vajda, V. & Liu, Z. 2017a. Late Triassic ecosystem variations
    inferred by palynological records fromHechuan, southern Sichuan Basin, China.
    Geological Magazine, 1–18,

    Li, M., Zhang, Y. et al. 2017b. Astronomical tuning and magnetostratigraphy of
    the Upper Triassic Xujiahe Formation of South China and Newark Supergroup
    of North America: implications for the Late Triassic time scale. Earth and
    Planetary Science Letters, 475, 207–223,

    Thank you!
  • ... I should add that I have checked and there are no other Li or Li et al. papers from 2017 and the initial is not used in the text e.g.

    "Recently, Li et al. (2017b) investigated the magnetostratigraphy of an overlying siliciclastic succession and constrained its age from Norian to Rhaetian." (p.1, pre-print online version)
  • great, thanks, we'll adjust the style
  • Thank you! Where can I get the updated style file from?
  • The updated style will show up shortly on the repository. Re-install to update (or it will auto update in the next 24hs)
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