Firefox connector shows Zotero as offline

This discussion was created from comments split from: Zotero and Firefox Quantum.
  • The Firefox connector is not working for me either, and this is so since I upgraded to Quantum. The ping url works fine, but the preferences tab says Zotero is unavailable (while running). I already tried uninistall/reinstall the add-on, and also closing and opening the Zotero stand-alone. It worked fine before upgrading Firefox. I use Quantum with Ubuntu 16.04
  • Thanks, there were two video codec plugins and a pocket app extension that I had failed to disable. Disabled every extension or plugin, security or other, restarted and it worked.
  • Unless the problem returns when you re-enable those, it's far more likely that it was just the restart that fixed it. The parts of the Firefox extension framework we use currently seem to be much more finicky than in Chrome.
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