Empty window when saving from Firefox

edited November 22, 2017
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  • I'm also having issues after updating Firefox. When trying to add metadata from a page with a list of different sources (in my case, a library's database), I can click on the Zotero-Icon in my browser-window, but instead of opening a seperate window, which lets me choose which ones to add, I only see an empty window, while the connector is not adding anything to my Zotero.

    In firefoxs addons-manager, the zotero gives me an error:

    [JavaScript Error: "Zotero.Translators</this.init@moz-extension://006a1948-cf95-4f9b-9af1-d44d38aa74d1/translators.js:87:20

    [JavaScript Error: "Promised response from onMessage listener at Zotero.Messaging</this.init@moz-extension://006a1948-cf95-4f9b-9af1-d44d38aa74d1/messaging.js:205:4 went out of scope" {file: "undefined"}]

    I'm on Ubuntu, using the latest Zotero-Standalone.
    (After opening pdfs in the browser, importing them via the connector works most of the time, although not always, depending on the website)
  • There has been a report of a display glitch in the selector window in Ubuntu and Firefox 57 where the window looks empty -- in fact the selection options are there if you resize the window. Could you check if that's the case here?
  • Hi, I have the same problem on Ubuntu. And yes, once I resize the window the selection options are there and the import works fine.
  • the exact same behaviour for me, Ubuntu, Firefox 57
  • Just adding a +1 on this. Trying to resize the popup just makes things reappear.
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