could I ask the help of somebody for a CSL for an Italian book? Here are my samples:

[the Authors name should be in small caps]


O. GRAU, Virtual Art. From Illusion to Immersion (2001), The Mit Press, Cambridge (Mass.) - London 2003.


D.H. LAWRENCE, The Plumed Serpent, Routledge, London 1935 (Il serpente piumato, trad. it. di E. Vittorini, Mondadori, Milano 1955).


Z. PAPACHARISSI (a cura di), A Networked Self: Identity, Community, and Culture on Social Network Sites, Routledge, New York - London 2010.


R. BISCHOF e E. LENK, L’intrication surréelle du rêve et de l’histoire dans les «Passages» de Benjamin, in Walter Benjamin et Paris, a cura di H. Wismann, Les Editions du Cerf, Paris 1986, pp. 179-99.


B. NANAY, The history of vision, in «The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism», LXXIII (2015), n. 3, pp. 259-71.

thank you very much!
  • Can you have a look at this and provide the two example citations adapted to match exactly what you're looking for and also the other info described?

  • Yes, thank you very much:

    Website: http://www.einaudi.it/universita

    they do not provide a csl


    In-text citation:
    (Campbell, Pedersen, 2007)
    (Mares, 2001)

    CAMPBELL J. L. e PEDERSEN, O. K., The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success, in «Comparative Political Studies», XL (2007), n. 3, pp. 307–332.

    MARES, I., Firms and the welfare state: When, why, and how does social policy matter to employers?, in Varieties of capitalism. The institutional foundations of comparative advantage, a cura di P. A. Hall e D. Soskice, Oxford University Press, New York 2001, pp. 184–213.

    thank you!
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    Does this publisher only publish in Italian or also in other languages?

    Where did you get the examples in your opening post from? We need a link to the documentation or a document itself (pdf/doc) that we can upload and add to the style. If it was sent to you by the editors it would be nice if you could ask them if we could host it on Github to go with the style.
  • The publisher works only with Italian; we will ask them if they can share a document with everybody! I'll reply as soon as they do.

  • @giacomo.mercuriali, in the meantime, two questions:

    * would it be more accurate to name the style "Giulio Einaudi" instead of just "Einaudi"?
    * is the document that describes the style for all "Giulio Einaudi" publications, or just those from the "Università" section you linked to? (http://www.einaudi.it/universita)
  • They answer that each author is free to use its style and that they do not have a general norm; they suggested to refer to previous essays in the Series we are going to publish with. This is what I did suggesting you the first example list.

    the name employed in bibliographies and titles is "Einaudi" and not "Giulio Einaudi".

    thank you very much
  • Hello,
    do you have any news for the syle?

  • Hi,

    I made the style a few weeks ago. Must have missed to post the link here> https://www.zotero.org/styles?q=id:einaudi
  • thank you very much! do you think is it possible to have the authors names in small caps?
  • perfect!! I will try to use the style and if anything else comes to my mind will reply here. Thanks a lot
  • @giacomo.mercuriali

    Change made. update the style in your Zotero. ;)
  • dear @damnation ,

    in word, how can I have the "bibliography" line [es.: M. FRIED, Art and Objecthood, in «Artforum», (1967), n. 5, pp. 12–23]

    placed in the footnote reference? With the current setting, adding a footnote I obtain (M. FRIED 1967) as an in-text reference.

  • I don't quite understand -- you gave (Campbell, Pedersen, 2007)
    (Mares, 2001) as examples for in-text citations above? Was that not correct?
  • yes, referring to the samples, I'd like to have the same result of the bibliography section as a footnote:


    In girum imus nocte... [1]

    [1] CAMPBELL J. L. e PEDERSEN, O. K., The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success, in «Comparative Political Studies», XL (2007), n. 3, pp. 307–332.

    At this moment I get instead

    [1] (Campbell, Pedersen, 2007)
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    You will understand now why we ask for an example publication as we can actually see on paper what is needed.
    It takes a lot of time to make and adapt these styles and I've already spent a lot of my free time on this. To turn this into a note style (from an author-date style) will take considerable more time.
    I'm happy to do this for some payment, but otherwise you'll have to hope somebody else picks this up.
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