Zotero & altmetrics — any update?

edited November 22, 2017
Reading this new arXiv paper on bibliometrics and altmetrics, I am reminded again of the initiative, announced a few years back, to open up Zotero bibliometric data to altmetrics APIs. This would provide enormously useful data about the relative impact and citation potential of publications, and given Zotero's diverse user base with a strong footing in the humanities, would likely provide a useful corrective to data currently used by applications like Altmetric and ImpactStory.

I'm a proud user of Zotero and its a tad bit disappointing to see that Mendeley has successfully cornered this field and that Zotero isn't (visibly) contributing anything here so far — Mendeley is a for profit tool and anyone building on their database faces the possibility that they'll want to monetise it at some point. Zotero on the other hand has been open from the start, and it would be fabulous if it could open up some of its bibliometric data (properly anonymised, yada yada) to the altmetrics community. A secondary benefit of this might be that it would demonstrate that Mendeley isn't the only game in town and that Zotero is worth checking out.
  • I just got the 5.0 update, hoping it would finally be there. but no ... nothing yet,. lets keep hoping on those integrations.
  • (bump)

    (sorry to be asking for info without being able to offer help — I have a feeling that
    maybe everybody wanted this to succeed but somehow it didn't materialise and has now slipped down the priority list.)

    Genuinely curious what happened to this and whether it's still on the cards, for reasons noted in my post above.
  • This is definitely still happening, but the public release is still a little ways off. We're hoping to have something out in the next few months. (We have a few other releases in the pipeline, and then we'll be shifting some dev time to finish this up.)
  • @dstillman Awesome news! Any further details on what it might look like?
  • Was reminded of this during the Mendeley local db encryption brouhaha...
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