Upgrading to Zotero 5.0 and profile directory

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  • Hi all,
    I am new to citation db and love Zotero :-)

    I want to upgrade the Macbook Air which is on 4.0 to 5.0 and install it on the desktop iMac and synch them. Do you recommend changing the Profile before upgrading to 5.0 with your instructions -
    I didn't realise when I installed Zotero and switched between Chrome and FF (FF is better for OWA webmail) Data Directory Location is pointing to "Use profile directory" is that the cloud one? Not Custom which says Library/App support/Firefox/Profile (which I backed up).

    From the thread above if create a new folder Zotero and I change Data Location to Custom - Library/App support/Zotero this would be better or will it pick up the db from the cloud - Yes or No?

    Thanks for reading this,
  • sorry will you move this to Mac OS
  • I'd recommend just going with the defaults and letting Zotero handle the update unless you have a particular reason for a custom location (which doesn't sound like it's the case).
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    Many thanks, your quick reply gives me confidence that if anything goes wrong you are there to help.

    Will installing it on the second machine just "work" - shall I upgrade the laptop and then install the iMac - does it matter?

    Best, Denise
  • The order doesn't really matter here. You can install Zotero on your iMac and sync with your account, and it will pull down your library from the Zotero servers. The upgrade process for the laptop won't really affect that in any way.
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