Install a new style?

I am new to Zotero and would like to say thanks for this software!
Unfortunately (for me) although the course notes list Zotero and Citavi as "accepted" citation managers, the current course requires a specific referencing style which is not in either applications styles. The required style is "based" on the Bournemouth Harvard style and they only provide the style code for Citavi.
I have seen some discussion about modifying an existing style, is this method my only option? Is there a way (another way) to get a new style into Zotero, perhaps using the Citavi code?

Any imput welcome.
Regards Fred.

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    There is in the Zotero Style Repository.

    What exactly are the changes you need from that style? We can guide you through editing the style. You can also use the Visual Editor to make the changes. Is this style for a journal/publication or for an instructor's course?

    Zotero can't import Citavi styles.
  • Thanks for the reply bwiernik.
    It’s a shame Zotero can't import Citavi styles, it would have saved me some work :-).
    I am thinking (as a novice) the best option will be to modify the Bournmouth Harvard style.
    Re. What exactly are the changes you need from that style?
    This is not an easy question to answer, I have some documentation but it isn’t extensive and it is in German. However, I have managed to get the style working in Citavi (on a windows machine) so if necessary I can use that as a double check.


    Ps. Thanks to Zotero for producing an Ubuntu friendly alternative.

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    Can you post the style guidelines here or a link to them? I can have a look over the next few weeks. I luckily speak German.
  • Thanks for the offer damnation,
    Is there a preferred method to upload - send a pdf?
  • Great. Can you adapt the Campbell citation in this article to match the exact format you need? I'll take it from there then.
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    This is the Campbell journal citation based on the info in the pdf. With the exception of the hyphen between the page numbers it is the same as this styles Citavi product. Do you need anything else?
    One further question, I see in the link you provided there are instructions for thread naming and organisation e.g. title needs Style Request: [name of style] etc. Should I start a new thread or is it possible to change the title of this one?

    (Campbell und Pedersen 2007)

    Campbell, John L. und Pedersen, Ove K. (2007) The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. In: Comparative Political Studies: Jg. 40 (3) S. 307-332.

  • Don’t worry about the thread title.
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    Jetzad geht de gaudi los.

    Here's the style. Would be great if you let your faculty and library know to put this on the website. When I made my first style for my uni I also wrote an article about Mendeley and my style for the students magazine. Would be great if you spread the word for Zotero and the style. München
  • Hi.
    Thanks for doing the work here.

    Sorry for the delay, I didn’t have access to the laptop.
    I am working through the different formats and have found some discrepancies which I have listed on a text doc. Unfortunately, although I have tried to highlight the differences to indicate where the Zotero output differs, the formatting doesn’t copy here. Is there a way to attach the doc?


  • You can upload the document to dropbox or a similar place and post a link here.
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    This is what I have so far, it takes a while to work through the different aspects of each catory.

    Here is the link:

  • Thanks Bwiernik.

    I'll look at those two issues tonight.
  • Please test this one. Note that not all of your mistakes in your word document have to do with the .csl, but with the way they are in your library.
  • Thanks for the link bwiernik , I now have edited book styles sorted and thanks for the updated style damnation I am working through it.

    In the Thesis example we now have "Unveröff. Diplomarbeit." correctly situated at the end of the full reference, however there is also one in the middle of the reference (sorry I didn’t highlight the fact it was in the wrong place) e.g.
    Herr, Bettina (2009) Pflege- und Adoptivkinder. Aufwachsen unter Bedingungen doppelter Elternschaft. Unveröff. Diplomarbeit. Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Institut für Rehabilitationswissenschaften. Unveröff. Diplomarbeit.

    I have noticed a small problem when the in-text and full reference citations have more than 2 authors. The Zotero in-text is currently
    (Attais-Donfut, Berger, et al. 1998, S. 123) but the required format doesn’t have the comma between the second name and et al. e.g.
    (Attais-Donfut, Berger et al. 1998, S. 123)

    The full text version has a similar issue with a semicolon following the last name and before the "und" e.g.
    Attais-Donfut, Claudine; Berger, Peter; und Brasch, Christine (1998)...
    It should look like
    Attais-Donfut, Claudine; Berger, Peter und Brasch, Christine (1998)...

    Thanks again for your work

  • @bobsone
    Try this one:

    @adamsmith and @Rintze
    Could we add a thesis to the CSL Editor? Would make my life easier. Especially since the new Zotero the Zotero style editor is more complicated to access. Was easy enough to just open a tab, but now I need to open Zotero....
  • @damnation -- yes, I think that makes sense. Any other requests for items? Any suggestion for which ones to remove?

    That said -- it'll take some time. Note that you can actually add custom items to the visual editor under Example Citations --> Advanced using CSL JSON export from Zotero.
  • Not sure what exactly @damnation uses for his development, but here are some of my thoughts on additions/deletions

    These items are rather redundant:
    - Einstein article (already another article-journal)
    - Watson & Crick article (already another article-journal)
    - Jobs book (there are already several other books)
    - Dunnett & Kingsbury (there are several other books, only distinguishing feature here is an edition number—if an example of that is necessary, one could be added to another book?)
    - McInnis & Nelson book (there are already several other books)

    More additions:
    - A thesis
    - A report or other work without an author
    - A manuscript with archival information
    - A dictionary or encyclopedia entry (many styles omit formatting for these, so they might be useful to flag that such should be added)

    - The yo-yo patent should probably have other information added (Inventor, etc.)
  • specific nominations welcome. It'd be cool (though not necessary) to pick something fun or fitting (like Hawking's PhD Thesis or so).
  • @damnation, @bwiernik, you can submit changes to the CSL editor example data by creating a pull request to (see for a recent update)

    As long as the Campbell & Pedersen article and Mares chapter are kept up front, feel free to make your suggestions.
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    Thanks for the updated link.
    It looks like it is working, except for the inclusion of URLs in the full references e.g. Verfügbar über: http://www... (Letzter Zugriff: 21.09.2017)

    The Zotero version is 5.0.3, Edit>Preferences>Cite "Citation Options" is checked and I reinstalled the LibreOffice Add-on. I then (unsuccessfully) went through my test library and tried each version (book, journal, news paper, blog etc) with and without page numbers.

    I can report that all items in my test library have the URLs correctly formatted at the end of the full references when I use the APA 6 and Bournemouth Harvard styles.


  • In the Cite pane of preferences, there is an option to “Include URLs for paper articles”. Ensure that is checked.
  • That was a quick reply...
    Yes I have “Include URLs for paper articles” checked
  • Right now the style is only showing URL for web page items, should it show for all items?
  • ...should it show for all items?
    Yes, this is an extramural program so most of the reference material will only be viewed online so if it is possible it would be useful to be able to add the usual access URL and date accessed to any of the reference categories.

    ...the style is only showing URL for web page items..., what is a web page item? I have tried most of the different types/categories for adding a new item to a library and I haven’t been able to get a full citation to include a URL.
  • In Zotero “Webpage” and “Blog Post”.

    @damnation Could you remove the conditional for showing URL (and probably also add logic to show a DOI-URL If DOI is present before the URL field).
  • A bit of a head scratcher...
    I don’t have a Webpage option, my File>New Item list ends (or perhaps it drops off the page) at Video Recording

    The following are examples of a Blog Post

    Formatted with the Bournemouth Harvard style.
    (Schotter 1901, p. 123)
    Schotter, B., 1901. Test for url. Things [online]. Available from: [Accessed 25 Dec 1900].

    Formatted with the hochschule-munchen-fakultat style.
    Schotter 1901, S. 123)
    Schotter, Barny (1901) Test for url. Things.
  • See here for how to add Webpages to Zotero:

    Sorry, I was mistaken about blog post--that's mapped to the CSL type "post-weblog" not "website"

    The style does print URLs for webpage items. It needs to be updated to print URLs for all items.
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