Unable to remove item from collection (without deleting) in Zotero group folder

I'm trying to keep items organized in subfolders, which I normally do by copying the items to the subfolder and then removing the item from the collection in the parent folder--then I see a unique copy in the subfolder.

I'm able to do this in my personal folders, but in my group libraries, I don't have the option to remove the item from the collection--only to delete it from the library entirely. So, regardless of my organization into subfolders, every item any of the subfolders also shows up in the parent folder.

Is there any way to view each item only in the subfolder, not the parent folder, in group libraries?

Thank you in advance for your time & thoughts!
  • Oh, yeah. I'm on 5.0 standalone, on a PC.
  • So you're saying when you right-click on an item that is in a collection in a group, you don't get the "Remove item from Collection" option? That should be there and is for me. You're sure you're looking at the item in a collection when you try this?

    (You can btw. move items between collections without the extra step of removing them from the original collection by holding the shift key while dragging)
  • silviacho, let me see if I understand. Let's imagine you have one "General" collection, containing items A, B, C. The "General" collection also has a sub-collection named "Particular", which contains D, E, F.
    From your first paragraph I assume that in your current setup, when you select "General" you see A,B,C,D,E,F in your central panel, while if you select "Particular" you only see D, E, F. Is that correct?
    The default Zotero behavior differently: you select General and see only A, B, C as items and you see D, E, F only when "Particular" is selected. However maybe at some point you chose to change this behavior, please see this link: https://www.zotero.org/support/collections_and_tags

    So the first thing is to check if you have this option changed. If not, please report here.
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