How to restore application icon for Zotero 5

I'm using Xfce desktop (on debian unstable).

After upgrading to zotero 5, I don't have an application called Zotero but I can launch it from the commandline if I am in the installation folder.

What are the correct steps to create an application file? Should I move the zotero.desktop file to $HOME/.local/share/applications? But if I do that the exec part of this file will not work (because it says "Exec=bash -c "$(dirname $(readlink -f %k))/zotero -url %U"" which works only from the correct directory).

Is a syslink a better idea?
  • On Ubuntu you just need to symlink the desktop file there, as explained in the instructions. I don't know if those desktop files work on Debian, but that would be the first thing to try.
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