feature requist: web interface for zotero > 5.0

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for 3 days I tried zotero 5.0 with firefox connector and zotero for word.
with this new change zotero looses its ease of use which is the most advantage of zotero compared to competitive tools.
instead or beside the connector, why don't develop web interface to the stand alone zotero, this will allow opening zotero and the attachments inside the browser without the need to switch for zotero stand alone and pdf viewer.
the user will loose only zotero below the page which is not very important as you can switch to zotero tab as web interface for zotero program
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    1) You're aware there's already a web library, with access to attachments?

    2) We'll be significantly modernizing and improving the web library in the medium-term future.

    3) We'll be adding the ability to choose a target collection from the connector, which will reduce the amount you'll need to switch between your browser and Zotero.

    4) While we'll be greatly improving the web library, it will never be as powerful as the desktop client, so learning to use that efficiently is really your best bet. See Switching Between Programs for some tips (which apply equally to any programs on your system). There's really no reason working with the standalone version needs to be slower than Zotero for Firefox was.
  • 1-yes, however web library just view, while web interface for zotero program suppose to have full function and open the attachments (from local storage) inside the browser

    2-good but not related to ease of use I open web library only for emergency outside office\home

    ** the idea of web interface is to use the desktop client from inside the browser, which was the most significant feature of zotero, because most of the research time done using the browser, gradually researcher add everything to his library then read, compare and anlyse and search the web for more detail from within the browser. Only editing paper or thesis done using the editor but still using the browser were you put references and notes most of the composing time.

    now when you read something unclear, either in pdf viewer or note you added to zotero, you should copy then switch to browser then search, find something copy back to zotero notes.

    using pdf viewer was only important when you need to highlight or add sticky notes to the pdf and this cannot be done in the browser, but this still very small portion of the total research time.
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    I really don't know what you're arguing for here — you can already edit items and open snapshots/PDFs from the current web library. More functionality from the client (e.g., Add Item by Identifier) will be added to the web library down the line. And various things the client does just aren't possible on a website.

    Beyond that, loading a website and/or switching to another tab isn't any faster than switching to the Zotero program on your computer (which should take a split-second if you're doing it right) — I'd argue it's much slower and more cumbersome.
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    Oh, do you mean that you would load your data from the Zotero program into a local webpage, served from Zotero?

    I still don't think that makes sense, among other things because, as I say above, it's no quicker to switch to a tab (to get a worse interface to your library) than to just switch to the real Zotero interface itself.

    But we're in the process of adding much more advanced communication between the connector and Zotero, and we'll be taking advantage of that more and more to offer tighter integration between the two. 3 is part of that. So that may move things more in the direction you're looking for. But I don't think just duplicating the interface in a local webpage makes sense.
  • maybe I couldn't elaborate clearly, web library is interface for the server storage while web interface is just the same local zotero client interface but inside the browser and don't require any connection or data. famous example is xampp interface.

    when zotero uses the browser as interface, user uses many browser function.
    most important is the history and search for statement from within the browser., other important thing but I read it's in progress now for connector is the selection add to current item as note.

    this three function now require double time (much more for selection search), and repeatedly used.
  • Yeah, I realized what you meant — see my last comment.
  • BTW switching between programs is not fast when you are exosting your computer RAM. and this is mostly the situation when firefox has many pdf opens and many word docs and other tools, situation became worth if you are using IDE like visual studio
  • I use Zotero about 6 or 7 years and for example, I´ve never used Zotero for FF. (Working in the browser window was very uncomfortable for me, but that my preference.)
    I have no problem with
    now when you read something unclear, either in pdf viewer or note you added to Zotero, you should copy then switch to browser then search, find something copy back to Zotero notes.
    I use these typical steps:
    1. select the text in PDF viewer or Zotero
    2. CTRL+C (copy text)
    3. ALT+TAB or click by mice to focused web browser
    4. CTRL+T for open new tab
    5. CTRL+V
    6. Enter
    It spent about one or two seconds.
    Find something and copy it back to Zotero notes you have to do in all cases and it is really not important if you have Zotero open in the web browser or in the individual window.
    I would like to see implemented add into the right-click popup menu direct searching of selected text (in the notes or in any field of Zotero) on the web. But I am not sure if this is possible easily.
  • BTW switching between programs is not fast when you are exosting your computer RAM.
    This sounds like a problem with your computer, not with Zotero. Switching between programs on your computer should be instantaneous. If it's not, you won't be able to use any programs efficiently, including your web browser.
  • I use the web library because I need access to my Zotero library from computers where Zotero standalone cannot be installed. This seems to be the use-case for the Zotero web interface. The search function is terrible in the web interface because I can only search by a single term. If I enter two terms, no records are found. If I enter a word and a year, no records are found. Searching the library via the web interface is a problem for me.

    The fixed citation styles is another issue (i.e., too few choices). A solution might be to give the user the ability to add a style of their choice.
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