Zotero upgrade to 5.x w/Firefox connector not working

I am running Ubuntu 14.04, Firefox v56 (though that should change any day now to V57). I followed the installation instructions for Ubuntu. However, it doesn't seem to be working properly. I double-clicked on set_launcher_icon script and nothing happened. When I right-click on 'zotero' and select 'execute' it opens a terminal and then runs Zotero. However, the terminal shows the following error (which it repeats a few times):

(zotero:25227): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_ref: assertion 'object->ref_count > 0' failed

I really would like to run this from a menu but it's not possible (unless I rewrite the '.desktop. file).

I have also submitted an error report: Report ID: 1883101209

Also, does the terminal always have to run?

I love your software and understand about the changes.

  • The set_launcher_icon script just updates the path to the icon in the "Zotero" .desktop file (since desktop files don't support relative paths), but that's not actually necessary to use it — it just gives it the proper icon. You should be able to just double-click on "Zotero". If that's not working, open a terminal window and run ./zotero -ZoteroDebug and see if a window pops up with debug output that you can submit. (You can also try -ZoteroDebugText or -jsconsole.)
  • I submitted Debug ID D2029420715
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    I did manage to create a .desktop file:

    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment=Research & reference tool
    Exec=bash -c "cd Zotero && /home/lee/Zotero/zotero"

    It seems to work fine. I am still getting that error in the terminal but, as long as it doesn't matter, I'm good. Thanks for the great product!
  • I'm a bit confused — the Debug ID was just for if the window didn't open. Was there actually a problem when you ran ./zotero?

    As for the desktop file, if the bundled one didn't work, I'm guessing support for the %k and %U flags were added in a more recent version of Ubuntu — I just noticed how old your version is. (Also, the correct icon is default256.png, not updater.png.)

    But glad you got it working.
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    I just did what you said, I ran ./zotero -ZoteroDebug and that is what I got (and it did it again).

    (I fixed the icon line.)

    Thanks for the quick replies and your help. I appreciate it.
  • (Sorry about the duplicate ... I had forgot.)

    My mistake. As shown in the .desktop file above, I had it set to "Terminal=true". I changed it to "false" and now it doesn't come up (duh!).

    (Off topic: Why is the icon in Firefox grayed-out on some pages?)
  • (Off topic: Why is the icon in Firefox grayed-out on some pages?)
    Explained here: Page Not Recognized
  • Thanks for your help!
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