"Show File" not working on macOS 10.10.5

This discussion was created from comments split from: [5.0 Beta] 'Show file' not working since latest update.
  • Hello - sorry to resurrect this thread, but this is happening to me too.

    I'm on a Mac (10.10.5), and have tried v.5.0.25 and "-beta.5+fbf2fbe0c" of Zotero.

    My debug ID is D1061867808 and as above, "View PDF" works fine and the file exists where it is looking... but my reveal path also shows the filename. IT also happens with Snapshots etc. so isn't filetype specific.
  • Best I could suggest would be to upgrade to at least 10.11. All Macs running 10.10 can be upgraded to 10.11, and likely later unless you have a very old Mac. 10.10 is also unsupported by Apple as of September 2017, so it's not safe to use.
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