zotero inside browser, what is the possible solution?

I just spent 4 hours working on the new zotero stand alone with firefox connector.
Pdf open in viewer, snapshots open in browser, zotero connector save resources with one obtion only and you must wait to process the page before zotero icon gives you the obtion.
most furestrated moving between 4 windows when you r editing paper while you need 2 only if zotero inside browser.

what is the possible solutions even if it's old, because I was afraid from changes and didn't upgrade my firefox to new stupid quantom but zotero for word don't work anymore.

I don't care if it's old browser or zotero or word connector version but I need one solution don't care for update, it was working fine for me
  • You can, FWIW, still right-click the Save to Zotero icon for the same options previously available on save.

    Otherwise, you'll be able to use Zotero 4 in Firefox 52 ESR for a bit longer, but we won't provide much if any support for that here, so you're pretty much on your own on that.
  • Also see Switching Between Programs — if you get used to more efficient methods, it's really quite fast.

    Firefox 57 is also vastly faster than previous versions.
    you must wait to process the page before zotero icon gives you the obtion
    This has always been the case, by the way.
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