Report ID 1853750711. Unable to properly import citation after most recent upgrade of Zotero 5.0.25

Just allowed auto-install of most recent update to Zotero 5.0.25. Previously I have been able to import citation for PubMed in Safari 11.0.1 with Zotero Connector 5.0.21. Today when I tried on two different citations, I get garbage with incorrect partitioning. For instance, the journal, year, page, etc is listed under abstract. Please help.
  • could we get a URL, please? And when you hover over the Save to Zotero icon in Safari, what does it say?
  • Today it is working fine. The same two citations loaded just fine. Not sure why, but happy it is working. The URL was and when I hover over the Save to Zotero icon in Safari it says Save to Zotero (PubMed).

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