word 2016, mac ios 11, citation doesnt get highlighted - looks as if i have keyed in

i have inserted the citation and the citation is not highlighted even when i put the cursor over it. also, it looks like i have keyed in each and every word. when i cut copy and paste the sentences to someother part of the document, the references or citations rather, doesnt go along with those sentences that have been moved to elsewhere. im new to zotero but managed to learn it in half a day. your suggestions would be quite helpful. thanks, gopi.
  • How exactly are you adding the citations to the Word doc?
  • hi i first copy a sentence from the pdf and then add the reference beside it as shownin many youtube videos
  • i mean i copy sentence from pdf and paste it in word and then add citation beside it by clicking add citation in the zotero menu which is at the top of the word document menu.
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    Can you take one or more screenshots that show the problem you're describing, upload them somewhere (Dropbox, imgur, etc.), and provide links here?

    Edit: Or see @bwiernik's suggestion below, which may be what you're asking.
  • The Word preferences for Field Shading are in the View tab of Word Preferences. Change this setting to Always or When Selected.
  • bwiernik hi, i dont find field shading under view tab at all. i have tried this yesterday
  • Be sure that Field Shading is enabled in Word. See my post above.
  • hi i finally found it mr. bwiernik
    and it worked out. tysm
    but why doesnt the reference go along with the sentence that has been shifted to elsewhere in the document.
  • You can cut and past the citations just like other text.
  • but as a researcher i often combine one or more sentences to make one sentence. in that case differnet words of the sentence would be from different papers. that what my concern is..
    once combined, its not easy to find which one belongs to waht paper.
  • I'm really not understanding what your problem is. If you want a citation to move with a specific sentence, you need to cut and paste it along with that sentence. The citations are just text (with some hidden stuff behind them) sitting next to the other text in your paper.
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