5.0 upgrade prompt for 4.0 users

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  • @dstillman, has a day already been selected when Zotero 5.0 will be offered as an upgrade to existing 4.0 users? Is it tomorrow when Firefox 57 is released?
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    Yep, both the Zotero Connector for Firefox and Zotero 5.0 are now being offered. The former will install automatically (including on 57 upgrade). The latter will remain an optional major upgrade for a while.
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    So what happens if people upgrade to Firefox 57 and try using the upgraded connector (which I assume replaces Zotero for Firefox 4.x)? Does it just save to the server (as long as syncing is set up), or does it throw an error and tell people to upgrade Zotero?

    (I'm asking because some of my work colleagues might still be using Zotero 4.0)
  • The connector should mostly work with Zotero 4.0. A few new features (style installation and RIS/BibTeX file interception, off the top of my head) won't work, but functionality should be basically equivalent to connector mode in Zotero for Firefox.
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